The Biography of Wanda Brown

Wanda Brown

Director of BT-CreativeMinds

Wanda's love for working with children started around age 16 in Shepherdstown, West Virginia (Hometown).

By caring for the youth in her community and serving others, became an activity she began to enjoy.

When Wanda was old enough to make decisions for herself, she left her hometown and headed for the big city she always dream of seeing. The big city of lights that never sleeps, New York City!

Once arriving in NYC, she moved in with her sister, the late Pastor Anna Hall, of Brooklyn, NY. There, she met a friend of the family that suggested Wanda fill out an application for Morgan Guaranty Trust Company on Wall Street, which later change the name to First Chicago Trust Company.

She gave her service there faithfully with perfect attendance in the Corporate World for 30 years.

After the devastating World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001, Wanda's job suffered lay-off loss. With her faithful service to the Corporate World for 30 years, she was sadly laid off from her job she truly enjoyed.

However, Wanda's service was not over.

In a few weeks, her sister, the late Pastor Anna Hall, who was then principal of the Dr. C.R. Johnson Christian Academy inquired about Wanda doing volunteer work at the BT. school.

Wanda was hesitant at first, but she knew her calling for service was just beginning.

Therefore, each school day, she would enjoy helping students and staff with anything they needed. Whatever she could find her hands to do, she did with perfection.

The board of directors began to give much recognition to Wanda for all she was doing voluntarily that they offered her work to become a part of their daycare officially.

Wanda began to work her way up the ladder in BT and made a positive name for herself! While working with the Nursery and the Daycare Department of the school, she found her calling.

Wanda believe her calling was to reach out and be a mentor to the younger generation. For her, it was easy to work with children.

She taught Sunday School from ages 4 & up, she became the Sunday School Superintendent at the Bibleway House of Blessings Church that she attends to this day.

With her many titles, she ventured to become the Director of the Creative Minds After School and Summer Camp Program on October 26, 2010, to where she still holds that position to this day.

Over the years, Wanda has met thousands of students, hundreds of parents and has left a positive impact on their life.

Wanda says,

"I love what I do. All the children who have come my way, I have seen them grow up, go off to college and some have children of their own, makes me know that I have imparted something wonderful into their lives."

Wanda is grateful for everyone she has met along her journey.

She finds joy when her children from youth come back to her as adults, just to say, "Thank you, Sis. Brown for being a part of my life."